October 2008

What is it about Christian musicians these days?   Loud and obnoxious seems to rule the day instead of talent.  An older (and experienced) musician is not appreciated or wanted in the church.  And it’s not just one church, it’s multiple.  Ads that read “Musicians wanted, no one over 30.”   It’s all in the show!!!!

Somehow, this doesn’t seem to be the type of church that Jesus described in His word.  He described a time when God would seek “true worshippers”  not show worshippers. (Or self-worshippers).  Yet, that’s what the church has become.  I have to believe this is not where the church leadership wants to be.

Dave Barber


Finepix A345 F2.8, 1/286 sec. ISO 64

Tricker Treat!

this is my second time!

smiling with candy teeth,

she fills her sack again!


Dave Barber

31 Oct 08


Natural Laws

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Finepix345 F4.7 1/100 sec. ISO 64

if I let the key turn
to open the door
of a life I am disappointed in,
would there still be jam
in the jar covered with sticky filth

if I gathered a box or two
would it not be filled with belongings
I am unwilling to look at

but are unwanted past things
always following us around
in particular following me
to a new place I want to be

I want to be
far away from rude, disrespectful,
even inconsiderate people
who call themselves friends and neighbors

so I sit back for awhile
to relax, to know what I’m doing
soon asking a simple question
about whether people actually know
what they are doing, what’s going on
in such a small world around them

the answer is simple
like the question was
and that is
nobody actually knows
what is around them
for sure

I get up
grab a cold pop
a Mountain Dew of course
twist the top off
and guzzle my thoughts away

Debbie Budnick
my book: “The Writer Within” can be found on PublishAmerica.com

What’s the latest news?
I’ve checked cable,

plural: News


In a singular term,

the news isn’t good

not here, not now.


To say News is good

implies purality, doesn’t it?


but this isn’t a problem.

So, while confusion lasts

direction is perfect sense,


to reject distribution.


31 Oct 08

Dave Barber

Ah, I love that smell of a new car.  When you first sit down, the odometer is on ‘000020.’  New!  The dashboard shines.  The gadgets all work, the stereo booms!  When you step on the accellerator – instant performance! It glides down the road, effortlessly, powerful, strong.  You feel free and strong.  You cruise the town to show off your wheels, don’t you?  All your friends have to see it.  Every chance you have, you are driving her, wiping off the slightest smudge, loving the way the sunlight glints off its lines.  It’s beauty in motion or standing still in the driveway.

Fast forward.

One hundred thousand miles later.  When you get it, it smells like last week’s McDonald’s run.  the odometer reads ‘100,020.’ old, just plain worn out.  The dashboard is cracked, faded and worn.  When you step on the accellerator, she pauses, coughs and moves out, still respectible but cautious.  She squeaks down the road over every bump.  You feel old and tired.  You park where ever you can because every dent shows, every scratch.  All your friends knows you’re ‘saving money’ for the next one.  It’s wheezes and spurts driving or sitting.



I’m that car at nearly 50.  I’m old worn out and faded.  My dash is cracked and degraded.  My acceleration is a joke.  I certainly don’t worry about appearance because when you dress up old you only have old in new clothes. When I sit I feel it.  When I move, I feel it.  Only trouble is, there’s no trade-in.



31 Oct 08

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