Arnold said the future of poetry is immense.  In 1800’s was it more accepted to write it?   It is worthy of destinies, it is a sure way of communicating our thoughts, traditions and ways.  Poetry attaches emotion to an idea and an idea is a fact.  It is a open view of maybe an accepted concepts and questions it.  

So where are we today?  I’ve noticed a smaller audience in poetry across the United States.  In my opinion, it’s wanning.  But I’m always looking for the next full moon even as I look at the darkest night sky.  It is beautiful to view the quilt of the night without the moon.  There are stars I can’t see with my naked eye in the otherwise brightness.  I can view their color more clearly,  I can see their variations.    Maybe this is our time to grow poetry in other areas without the brightness and distraction of the moon.  It’s an opportunity to pull back the veil of poetry and set back and think.  What are the colors, brightness and variation.    I’m ready to discover all I can and I’ve assigned myself to do that. 

As Arnold said,  mankind will turn to poetry to interpret life, console and even sustain us.  We all need that passion.  We can see the hollowness, countenance and its breath.  


14 Oct 08

Dave Barber