A new book is in progress!  you’ve seen part of it right here on Fine Poetry!   The title is Natural Law! Natural laws is the poems I’ve written about how certain aspects of life and nature always follow an almost mathematical format or system.   I’ll also examine Hobbe’s nineteen laws as part of this review.   Part of this book will be an outstanding photographs taken right here in New Mexico.   The wonderful New Mexico desert is a great backdrop for the poetry in this volume.

I’m compiling the poems together now.  There are so many to choose. If you have a favorite, I’d love to hear about it.  I’ll look at the posts that were read the most for some clues about what to include but I’m always open to suggestions.   The book will be available in probably only a few short weeks.

 The book cover is also in the design stage.  I shot a quick arrangement for consideration, but that is also up for suggestions.  Thank you so much for any and all comments and suggestions.  I appreciate every one. 


As always,



30 Oct 08