if I let the key turn
to open the door
of a life I am disappointed in,
would there still be jam
in the jar covered with sticky filth

if I gathered a box or two
would it not be filled with belongings
I am unwilling to look at

but are unwanted past things
always following us around
in particular following me
to a new place I want to be

I want to be
far away from rude, disrespectful,
even inconsiderate people
who call themselves friends and neighbors

so I sit back for awhile
to relax, to know what I’m doing
soon asking a simple question
about whether people actually know
what they are doing, what’s going on
in such a small world around them

the answer is simple
like the question was
and that is
nobody actually knows
what is around them
for sure

I get up
grab a cold pop
a Mountain Dew of course
twist the top off
and guzzle my thoughts away

Debbie Budnick
my book: “The Writer Within” can be found on PublishAmerica.com