Memories:  In Okinawa,  Thanksgiving was a special time.  Although the Okinaweans didn’t celebrate that day, it was an opportunity for the military families to gather together and celebrate the tradition.  It was also an opportunity to reach out to the young airman, sailors, marines, soldiers on the Island who were far away from home.  By inviting them inside, they had a family even if it was just for a day.  We always made the traditional southern meal with sweetpotato casserole and baked ham and shared that table with 3 or 4 young people.  We built so many very special friendships that day.  I’d like to think that is what the holiday is about.  It’s sharing family.  

If you have the opportunity,  I’d encourage you to do that this year. We have so many young people serving overseas right now.  Reach out to them and encourage them.  Share a table this Thanksgiving 2008.