It’s easy:  Cup/Cup/Cup
1 Cup of Bisquik
1 Cup sugar  (Brown sugar will make it richer)
1 Cup milk   (canned milk will make it better!)
1 Can pie filing.  ( not 3.1415926535)
1 tsp vanilla.
1 sprinkle of cinnamon.
Use small drop of oil to grease 9″ x 5″ cassarole dish
Pre-heat oven to 350 deg F. 
Place a cookie sheet in oven to catch any overflow.
Mix dry components in a large bowl.  (sprinkle in cinnamon)
Add milk and vanilla.
beat until smooth  (There will be some small lumps)
Pour into prepared cassarole dish.   (To about 1/2 filled)
Open can of fruit filing.  Add apples by spoonful evenly around the
top of dish allowing them to sink in slightly.  One cobbler will use
almost one can.  (You’ll have some left over) Don’t overfill or the
cobbler will boil over making a mess in oven.
When oven is at temperature (350 deg F.)  place dish on middle
rack and close oven.  
Cook at 350 for 45 to 50 minutes.  Top will be light brown, fruit will sink
down into the crust.  Test with fork or toothpick.  The toothpick will come out clean after been inserted into the middle of the cobbler.
Remove from oven, let it cool on rack.
Serves:  8-10 depending on the size pieces.