Arriving is always a sweet place, isn’t it?   All the stress of the trip suddenly drains away.  Even our arms feel better as we set our suitcases down and settle into the new place.   Well, parenting can be like that too.  This afternoon, after weeks of struggling with math problems,  my sweet daughter suddenly got it.  She looked up at me with a beautiful light in her eyes and said she understood everything we were working on, then she showed me.  Trig suddenly made sense.  Suddenly the waiting was worth it.  The long days holding my bags, waiting for the next train to take us down the tracks, hoping to catch the correct one was worth it.  Right there,  I experienced that exhilaration of release.   

Isn’t parenting like that?   We can spend weeks helping them to tie their shoes, addition,  their alphabet and suddenly they are they.  It is wonderful to experience that joy with them – that mountain top.  I love to be there.  Don’t give up when they struggle, keep trying, try new ideas, use different learning methods.  If they learn by writing, ask them to write,  if aural, repeat it to them,  if tactile then ask them to use their body – it all works and the results are so awesome.    I’d love to hear your ideas too.  Write me or post a comment here!

Dave Barber

Parenting is Work I love.