One evening as the sun was spreading it’s skirt on the horizon, my daughter called me outside.  She saw how the sky’s ragged edges had soaked up the remaining light and glowed n shades of crimson to lavender.   We stood out there silently for a long time, watching the sight of light playing on the clouds, dancing in vibrations and saw what she saw, felt what she felt.   The pale blue had almost completely faded when the deeper colors emerged starting the show all over again.   We felt a sharing that goes beyond any deep words I could have used to describe the event, or how the event penetrated our lives.  Now, every day, my daughter calls this the ‘magic time.’  She’ll say “Dad!  it’s almost magic time.”

   This is the main lesson of my writing to share that magic time with you.  I can’t always describe the feeling, but I can share with caused it and believe you will have similar feelings too.     You can share this sense of community of love I feel.   Thanks for reading!!!!


Dave Barber