It’s that season again!  Get the list,  Where’s the list?   Jump in the car drive to El-Bigo Stores and begin Holiday Hell.  While it actually starts on the day after Thanksgiving, many folks are already braving the stores now to catch that quick holiday prize.   For me,  gift cards are a great way to go!   Hobby Lobby,  Walmart, Barnes and Noble –  the list is endless!   And I don’t feel cheated by  a gift card instead  of a huge box under the tree.  Now instead of getting that wonderful turquoise and purple, long sleeve, sheepskin, wooden button sweater,  I can buy what I want.  Really,  I don’t have one of those but I have received some strange gifts before!   So,  I tell my friends, family and fickle co-workers my preference. Trust me, It would be a great gift!  What do you think?   



18 Nov 08