He wiped her eyes 
As she smiled through tears 
She remembered the hours, 
Images and pain 

Watching the news 
Five More soldiers Killed 
Oh Lord, the nights where 
Sleep laughed at her 

On her wet pillow 
Glowing in the moon’s light 
She filled her 
Day with duties 

Children’s dreams, 
Story time 
Nap time 
And answering 

The questions, 
“When will Daddy 
Come home?” 
She faught the tears 

As they asked 
If the soldier on TV 
Was him, 
More terror 

Until the message 
Showed that summer morn, 
She broke the speed limit 
Parked where she wanted 

Hugged him like a vice, 
Their tears mingled, 
Children hugging their 
Knees tightly. 

He was home. 

1 August 04 

Dave Barber