Thanksgiving.  What am I thankful for?   I’m thankful for living in a free country unfettered by boundaries and contraining laws.  Where I can worship as I wish, express my thoughts right or wrong,  speak as I wish.  I’m thankful.  Right here on this site,  I can post my ideas and sure they may be riduculed, but they will be accepted by some.   

I’m thankful for the traditions that surround us.  God has blessed us so greatly in so many areas.  Hopefully, we won’t forget to remember him on this holiday.  I bet you can make a list of the blessings too.  

When I think back to my childhood,  thanksgiving was one of the times when I saw my cousins and had an opportunity to play with them.   I remember walking into the kitchen with a table filled with all manner of cooked delights.  My grandmother was always standing there looking a little worn, with an apron on,  her hair a little mussed and a delicious pie in her hand.  And the aroma that filled the air.  It was wonderful.  We ate and ate.  Turkey, dressing, rolls, fresh homemade bread, and apple pie.  Oh, my tastebuds remember.  My heart remembers the friendship there.

Then my parents, uncles, aunt, would settle around the TV and yell at the football teams romping across the screen.  Believe me it would be quite animated.  Usually they were for the same side but not always.  That was the fun times.   The kids retired to the back room, leaping on the beds and playing games till late in the evening. 

When we arrived home, we rolled into the house and sat there content.  It was a wonderful time, wonderful memories.   Thanksgiving was family.

What are your Thanksgiving memories?  I’d love to hear about them!   For others who read this, What do you think of the American Holiday?