Too early,
The sun peers through the window,
I rise wearily,
And do the things mothers do.
 Gather my strength and resolve
 To do a million different things again,
 Until the demands of the day are met
 Or I can take no more today.
 In the evening’s pale light,
I stand at the kitchen sink.
 Chopping vegetables while my child laughs,
 Telling about her life.
 She struggles differently
 And cares innocently,
 I try to impart wisdom,
 But, Look!  Now SpongeBob is on!
 Dinner is cleared, dishes shining
 When you arrive to take repast
 I pour you a beer, sit with you,
 Listen as you pour your troubles into me.
 In the evening, I only glance at the mirror,
 That was once my friend,
 It’s betrayed me now,
 Who is this pudgy, middle-aged lady?
 Only the eyes stare out,
 Green as grass, gold as leaves,
 In the autumn of my life.
 No time to fret
 The concealer will,
 Cover those puffy, dark circles of sorrow
 Blush will feign youth.
 More important are the endless tasks

 And last, but sadly these days, least,