Monday, December 1st, 2008

Onde o mar se usou para estar – Encontrado onde o mar era forte e dobrado na costa, tomando lhe a grão pela grão, era de nenhuma maneira ricos mas apreciado cada onda, cada redemoinho saboroso salgado, recolheu, a espuma em seus bordos. Na noite, as ondas chegaram outra vez, um cheiro no ar um perfume da salmoura, esperou nos mares pesados, Para descansar em sua praia, recolha seu estouro do mar amando esse sol e mesmo areia nos lugares. Mas o sol sentado – e choveu na noite levemente e através dos prados. Quando a névoa macia se estabeleceu dentro soube, Soube havia uma parte traseira do desengate ao mar. Dave 1 dezembro 08


Где море использовало для того чтобы быть – Встрещенное где море было сильно и скложено на береге, принимающ ему зерно зерном, он был ни под каким видом богатым но наслажено каждая волна, каждая солёная вкусная свирль, он принял внутри, пена на его губах. На ноче, волны приезжали снова, запах на воздухе нюх тузлука, он ждал в сильные волнения, На ее пляже, взятие в ее взрыве моря любящ то солнце и даже песок в местах. Но солнце сидело – и оно шл дождь в ноче слегка и через лужки. Когда мягкий туман установил внутри он знал, Он знал была задняя часть отключения к морю. Дэйв 1-ое декабря 08

海があるのが常であったところ-語 海が海岸で強く、重ね合わせられてどこにか会う、 それに穀物を穀物によって取る、 彼は決して金持ちではなかった しかし各波楽しまれて、 各々の塩辛く風味がよい渦巻、 彼は、彼の唇の泡取った。 夜、 波は再度着いた、 空気の臭い 塩水のにおい、 彼は荒海をで待っていた、 彼女の浜で休むため、 海の彼女の破烈の取得 その太陽を愛するおよび 適切な砂。 しかし太陽は坐った- そして夜に雨が降った 軽くそして草原を渡って。 柔らかい霧が解決した時 彼は知っていた、 彼は知っていた 旅行の背部があった 海に。 デーブ 12月1日08日

The met where the sea was strong

and lapped at the shore,

taking it grain by grain,

he was by no means rich

but enjoyed each wave,

each salty tasty swirl,

he took in, the foam on his lips.


At Night,

the waves arrived again,

a smell on the air

a scent of brine,

he waited for in the heavy seas,


To rest on her beach,

take in her burst of sea

loving that sun and even the

sand in places.


But the sun sat –

and it rained in the night

lightly and across the meadows.

When the soft fog settled in

he knew,

He knew

there was trip back

to the sea.



1 Dec 08

I don’t know how you did it,

the letter didn’t say,

only that you died

peacefully in your sleep.

That’s always bothered me

if that drift between soul

and eternity was a simple flick

of time, a fence to cross.

But nevertheless you arrived

and left the tears at school

a special teacher, delighting

warranting counseling

for students unable to cope

a speech formal 

a hestitation of promise

staring into the waves

looking for shapes.



Dave Barber

1 December 2008

On the first day,

the air streamed in

smokey and dark, an art

to see under sycamore branches.


This morning’s frost is absent now

spent itself on dry, decomposing limbs

so, there’s it’s value – few exceptions,


I come back to visible

Venus and Jupiter aligning

looking for the pull

across my chest, a hymnal in my heart

yearning for more darkness.


In twenty days,

darkness will be complete

druids burning candles 

to welcome the sun back to 



come back

umber back to damp green.


Dave Barber

1 December 2008

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