Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

I’m hiding from the light

the prickly, prongs of light

stabbing edges of its roof,


I wish I could escape

the loud blazing red, burst on my sight

and settle for the soothing cool azure

pools on my retinas,


behind the silver curtains

behind the dark walls

I could find recluse

in the spidery places.


Dave Barber

2 December 2008


Along the river’s strange snakey path

I walked the rocks thinking of math,

the exponetial, division, log,

a simple mindly treasure hog!


But when I pressed my walking luck

and pressed into the river muck,

the differential was in my thoughts

as I calculated what I was taught!


The mud was related to the stress

of all the numbers I could test,

and press them into wordy mess

is all that I can do best!



Dave Barber

Fun Poem

It’s a story


You say reconcilliation

Is a too way street

But look at me now.

My father built his life

On the rough timbers-


Beams that held that house

Heavy, harsh concrete

Formed those steps

I could fall on them

And break anytime.


I would travel with my father

In the summer’s heat

Rattling around in that truck

Sweating, wondering who this man

Who gripped the wheel and looked


At the rooster before he killed

“God forgive me” letting the axe fall

And blood scatter- my heart sank

There was no cure for that night

Not able to eat.


At eighteen I left the timbers

For I was useless and unlearned

Took that last course of action

Unwanted by that foundation,

Slipped away from control.


5 Nov 04

Christmas tree



what symbol

boils out

with anger?


What is tolerance

or not?


Dave Barber

Natural Laws

Thin branch skeletons

scratching the sky,

leaves whispering,

to themselves.


What is winter

but sleeping

what is sleeping

but soul separated.


Dave Barber

after one month of deafness,

her anger rekindled

to a full flame.


She rambled and fumed

to a blue flowing fire,

consuming every exposed limb.


I stood back

watching the heat,

avoiding the tongues

(difficult to do)

licking out toward me.


I shook my head

tried to reach sand

water – anything-

to extinguish your fire.


Dave Barber

2 December 2008

Natural Laws

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