Have you ever suddenly realized that an event occurred that changed your view of something?   Maybe it was a little thing, but a big one.   The other day,  I was working with my daughter about portrait photography.  Ok, so here’s how it went.   (me)” When you take a picture, look for the outstanding characteristic of that person – it could be eyes, mouth, face shape, freckles – as the photographer bring that out.”   (Daughter) “Oh, so I look for the best, the beautiful, the nice things about people when I take a picture!”  (Me) “Exactly!  <pause!!!>  that is what I mean.”  So we went to take pictures of friends for my daughter’s class assignment but what we talked about stuck with me.  Looking for the best-  it was a thorn in my mind itching and burning.  Why don’t I look for the best in them?  Why do we tend to look at other attributes?   As my daughter began to take the photos, these questions grew larger.  One model was a young lady who was a little heavy but had the most beautiful crystal blue eyes and little freckles.  I heard myself tell my daughter ” Hey focus on those things!”

So, why don’t we?   It changed my view – it made me rethink how I look at people.  The immediate action is to look at weight, large nose and miss the beauty.    I think we could all benefit from a different perspective.


Dave Barber

2 December 2008