I’m twisting up the words into a lazy little ryhme
choking on the herbs that took me half the day to find
Getting drunk on you is one thing filling up the time is fine
but when it comes down to it my minds still runnin lines

I’m Getting drunk on you
thoughts a little clouded
have a drink or two
to stop my head from pounding
feel a rush from you
eyes are closed, throat is burning
getting drunk on you

Tipping back my head and sucking down a shot or two
I am no longer sober but my minds still stuck on you
I can’t control my laugher and its silly little highs
the lows will follow after when I repeat back all your lies
Im Getting drunk on you
The thoughts will vanish
One shot or a few
can you taste the panic
Feel that rush anew
And I can’t stand it
Gettin drunk on you

No wonder I can’t handle this, my thoughts are running wild
it seems like you’ve been planning this, your words felt kinda filed
did you write them in your memory, or etch them in your brain
cause the way they made me feel is makin me drink up all this pain
I’m Getting drunk on you
Maybe you knew
exactly what it would do
drinkin the damage
feel the tears break through
and my heart cant stand it
Getting drunk on you.


Kara Socha,

Guest Author.