Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

語 私は夢から目覚めることができる それはとても実質だった あなたの体は黒いレースで服を着た 持ち上げ、呷く、 短く育つ呼吸 そして欲求の私達の海洋のブイのように振れるあなたの胸! 上下にのそれらの波に乗っている神! それはとてもよい! しかし私は目がさめている、 そして私の値をつけた ライトを消しなさい あなたの疲れた そして私の中心 まだ速く打っている。 デーブの理髪師 自然法

I could wake from a dream

that was so real-

your body dressed in black lace

heaving and moaning,

you breath growing short

and your breasts bobbing like buoys

in our ocean of desire!

God, riding those waves of up and down!

it would be so good!


But I’m awake,

and you bid me

turn off the light

you’re tired

and my heart

is still beating fast.



Dave Barber

Natural Laws

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Where the Fence Line Runs

Where the Fence Line Runs

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 It’s funny,

listening to the arrogance

that we know the earth


somehow we control it?

somehow we destroy

what we don’t understand-

global warm or cold,

who knows.



3 December 2008

Story of Goldfish


The goldfish swirls

around the pond

(A dirty fish)


eating the trash

waste on the side.


look at the silver

orange floating sideways

pressing the algea

into meals.

Where does anger stay?

locked up in the clouds,

waiting for proper time

to spring among the asses

and egos,


If there is a distribution

I don’t know it –

gaussian, log,

God who cares,

just put it away

and promise me

promise me

you won’t take it out



3 December 2008

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