Cozy Winter’s Day

Little Tyger
is stretched into a kitty crescent
on top of the television
and could not possibly care less
what show is on

Nuxy the Dragoness
curls around the sofa
safe in the knowledge
that none of those present
can perceive her
(Well . . .
none but Little Tyger
and he isn’t talking . . .)

Its a cozy winter’s day
and the sky has fallen all around the house
thick clouds of grey and more grey
and for reasons that make no sense
the humans seemed to feel
that they had to go to other places . . .

Nuxy winks at Little Tyger
as she unfolds across the coffee table
(why do they call it a coffee table
they never drink coffee on it)
Little Tyger gives up a kitty yawn . . .
rolls over and contemplates
her iridescent scales

Quixotic as ever

William C. Burns, Jr.

Be careful of the questions you ask
you might just get the real answer
Be careful of the wishes you make
they might just come to pass . . .