Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Clothes make the Man!

What does that mean-

if clothes make the man, then

what about

you can dress them up

but not take them out?


A pig with lipstick

is still a pig.



All these statements

lead to nothing.


Dave Barber



what a strange word!


Ah, come with me to the taskbar

we will make beautiful music together!



What do I drink?

I’ll have the Gin and Tonic please,

make mine a double.



if the taskbar fails the exam,

is it defrocked?   De-tasked?

(Only in certain states!)


In any case,

it’s certainly not a bar

nor a task!



Dave Barber

9 Dec 08

 Sur votre anniversaire, une nuit à votre table préférée bifteck et vin, Vous nu sur le lit, les feuilles de désir étant présenté ! Vous avez demandé mes souhaits désolé j’étais franc ! Dave

語 あなたの誕生日、 あなたの好みのテーブルの夜 ステーキおよびワイン、 ベッドで露出した、 広げて置かれて欲求シートが! 私の願いを頼んだ 残念私は卒直だった! デーブ

On your birthday,

a night at your favorite table

steak and wine,


naked on the bed,

with desire sheets laid out!


You asked my wishes

sorry I was candid!


9 Dec 08


What would it take?

to have perjury removed?

a surgeon of renown 

to visit in the town?




cut out,


Or chemo

good or bad.

Imagine that-



I think, 

difficult procedure

for their life is wrapped

in lies,

their heart a muttered mess

of partial truths immersed

in falsehood.


To excise would remove all

and that explains alot!


9 Decemember 2008

After the Day,

the cost sinks in

and payment plans

place themselves.


It’s a new year

less dollars

less heart-


the day after

needs to be



Before is -Eve

as if her gentleness

and apple error

made it before.


Let’s call it -adam

Christmas Adam

to realize our error

lie about the cost

and head out anyway.



9 December 2008