Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Sparrows are blooming

on barren branches.

as the wind blows,

them open.


Dave Barber

11 Dec 08


I don’t know what direction
he goes when she whispers,
His heart plunges,
his soul,
a sponge of worry-
for attention’s luster.

It’s a dainty morsel
dangling in front of him

His mouth is ready to eat!!!

Dave Barber
10 March 2007

Some day,

I think you’ll know my heart.

You’ll pick up the folder, book, journal

and break your heart

like the ice forming outside,

(At least this sheet)


You’ll know

how hurt I was when forgotten

when i was secondary 

to life in general

the show,



at this point,

i am gone

a scratch of ink lines

stretching a word to a thought,

into a strange passion,

you’ve never read.



11 December 2008

Dave Barber

Morning news,
paints a strange picture-
a sociopath of the man
obsessed, crazy.

When the mud slings
how it didn’t end up
on others?

Dave Barber
11 December 2008


From my window-

the mountains are white

in the crystal moonlight!



Dave Barber

11 Dec 08


dog sleeping next to its house,




11 December 2008

Dave Barber

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