Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Returning from the store

packages filling her arms

she realized she missed someone!


Dave Barber

17 Dec 08


What are the elements of any good Story?  I’ll be discussing them here!


1.  Mentor/Teaching

2.  Student

3.  Clown

4.  Lover/Friend

5.  Hero

6.  Evil one

7.  ?


What else?

What is a Green Job?   Brown, red, purple?   I heard this on the news- what does this mean to create Green Job.  Are Green Jobs actually going to help the economy?  Prolong the current crisis?  Supporting environmentalism?  This is what we need?   I don’t know how that helps anyone.   The environmentalist have already talked about how we’e destroying the planet –  we need more people to do that?  Why???????