Friday, December 19th, 2008

My daughter

grown and sweet

asks a question-


are birthdays

as meaningful

at your age?


Her age

is 49.


I could answer.

Yes and no.



joy still arises

at this age,

a reshuffling of memories.



there is less forward

than back.



Dave Barber

19 Dec 08


It’s the same frame.

Sitting on the china chest,

covered in fine filth

my grandfather-


a backwards photo 

of me 

my mother hates.


He’s beside his bride

frowning in submission-


she discovered

his anger

rough hands,


wishing elsewhere.

Or maybe

just didn’t care.

owned at 15-

life was a betroth

to a bidder.



In any case,

she frowns

staring at me.


and the picture

stays in dust

stays in anger



19 Dec 08


He makes himself confortable,

she snaps on the TV,

and starts the bills.


He’s writing

she counting.

hours disappear.


Soon after,

she’s ready to talk

he wants more time.


Dave Barber

19 Dec 08

dscf6741dscf6742Christmas brings memories…

I thought I’d write more than this. Maybe because I don’t have a MFA, like many of the published authors I’ve read. So perhaps I need to spend more time on this. I’ve toyed with the idea of working toward a MFA. Any thoughts out there?

Around and around
a little boy
chases his sister.

Cold breeze blowing,
cows huddle
around the water trough.

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