I’m so proud of my daughter!  Up to now,  her writing interests were in one area.  But last night, we read over her writing journal since she finished the school year.  She wrote poetry – Good poetry!  Wow,  it contained alliteration, metaphor, similie – all.  When I think back to my writing at 18, it was crap!  It was nothing but trope, predictable line, cliche, etc.  So, I’m very happy with her poems.  I’m hoping to encourage her even more.  Last night she tried writing Haiku.  She did pretty well.  They are more of a challenage!

What more could a Father want than to see his kids grow up and at least copy (and be better!) than he did.  That is part of what parenting is about – encouragement! My daughter wants to be an elementary school teacher (6th generation!) and she could write on the side.  I’ve read about many teachers, professors, educators that publish works in the evenings.  So, I’m excited and encouraged.