Hey Guys,

Let me tell you about this book. Perhaps that’s why no one seems very interested. “Where the Fence Line Runs” started out titled as “Boundaries” because that is the theme – those boundaries we have to place between ourselves and even family members. I didn’t use Boundaries because that title is already used for another book (Not that direct title but close) so I used Where the Fence Line Runs to describe the boundaries we have to set – especially if you grew up like I did, I have to establish some boundaries or I’m hurt all over again. So, if you’ve experience that in your life, then this book is for you.  It will help you set those barriers and respond to them.    It talks about setting those barriers, situations when you say “That is enough, I’ve been hurt before, approach no further.”   It can be difficult to say this but very rewarding when you realilze you don’t have to let people hurt you!

I’d love to hear comments from everyone, I’d love to hear you’ve purchased the book on Amazon.com or downloaded the e-book.

Thanks again, I just thought I should explain what this book is about.