December 2008
Poetry eBook Review – Where the Fenceline Runs by Dave Barber

Posted: 28 Dec 2008 11:27 AM CST

Not normally a reader of poetry, I was pleasantly surprised when I read David Barber’s latest eBook. The book is titled Where the Fenceline Runs, and includes a good number of poems by my now favorite poet.

The simple reality is that good poetry is rare. Sure you can find lots of decent poems related to love, loss, etc, but poetry related to all topics in life (that actually makes you stop and think) is hard to find.

In the eBook Where the Fenceline runs, good poetry is exactly what you’ll find. Dave doesn’t follow one style, or cover one topic, rather this collection of poems deals with many aspects of life, and almost all of them will move you and/or make you think. Poems like For some reason, Horizons, Kingdoms, and Keepers truly convey feeling, and they really make you stop and consider.

For anyone who enjoys a good poem, I am highly recommending this eBook. The book contains close to 100 poems, and at $6.39 for the Kindle book, it is a great investment in excellent reading material. The book is also available in paperback, and I have included links to both at the bottom of this review.

An Excerpt from Where the Fenceline Runs:

How Many Surfaces?

Now the drop has become one,

World’s larger –

Reflecting the surface only

A greater freedom in the new

Union or just the same.

Reflections are backwards

My face in the drop Is upside down

Distorted and stretched

Into a new place

Self sees the day

Ended in evaporation

Surface is gone – for now

Dried into the next time

I’m wondering about the next time.

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Get David Barbers eBook in Kindle Format: Where The Fenceline Runs (Kindle Format – Will also work on MobiPocket software)

also available in paperback: Where The Fenceline Runs (Paperback)

Check out David Barber’s Fine Poetry Blog (


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nature greets us the same way,
those barren branches
some call ugly
because they’re empty
just a sleeping skeleton
waiting to wake
like some halloween trick,
a joke to some,

their veins waiting,
a new stain turned over
and over in the frozen

Up in the air,
the crystal blue
has yellows, pink and purples
finishing the days
testing our pallets
as if to say
take that! Draw that!

It’s simple, feathery detail
a nouny sense of life at rest
in the foreground,
sepia stems swaying
in the background
black stones.

It adds up to life fabric
taking rest.

It’s a dead time-
July 1978,
I’m sitting, drinking
remember Mogan David Wine?
Yeah, I drank it
thinking 19 was the end-
last chance to play-
and with whom?

I was alone all day
like the dorm halls-
mountains stared at me.
across sepia hills.

If loneliness had a name
I knew it then.

It was drinking
to an empty birthday.


In the hallow of trees
I’m cold and leafless,
a bare skeleton
wind stripped,

A simple melody plays on me
a sudden snow covering
and I’m sleeping-

in a minor key,
down and down
roots resting
against magenta sky

until the stars break silence
cutting the night,
streaming the night with coarse light.



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