January 2009

First week in office

focus riding on others,

taking a sea trip out of country.


So, the rhetoric was real,

so the words mean something.


What is brewing,

what we are drinking-

a mix of brimstone-

(Careful where I go.)

and sulfur.



Yes,  cloven and clear.




Learning a language,
my translation sucks
changing Dine’ to people
when it means other words

typical white finding hard meanings
to soft maleable nouny words.

How dare I take a language
sweet in syndrone and heart
and drag it into a hard field
where I plant my trees-
It won’t grow – really
I can bid it,
I can break out the vowels
into parts
and classes-
it won’t fit.
and I’m an idiot to try.


On the new year,
I’m wondering where winter sleeps,
certainly not in my backyard
where the leaves remain sleepy brown,
grasses bid me to wake up soon,
waking up soon.

Sure, winter wakes here
by the calendar – at least
but my eyes lie to me,
and my heart tests the metal
of the season.


I’m working on a novel. I will be back to write more. Please consider my book “Where the Fence Line Runs” on Amazon.com. Thanks!


Hey folks,
I apologize for being absent. I’ve been working on a novel and it’s taking alot of time. Please don’t give up on me. I’ll post some new poetry very soon.


Hey Guys, I was wondering if anyone could offer a reference to a list of strong verbs for writing. I found some on the web and some general guidelines – However, if there is a book, that would be helpful.


Hey, the new Book “Where the Fence Line runs” is out and available on Amazon.com. It’s available as soft cover and e-book (For Kindle!) Check it out!!!!


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