USS ENTRAPRISE                                                               STARDATE:  40842 211

                                                   LOCAS DATABASE CONNECTED:  B3 528                         

                                                 BARBER LOG 

                                                 I don’t know where the year has gone.  It has been a very

                                                 trying year and next year may be even more difficult.

                                                Work may change as the political environement

                                                changes.  My new book is out but not attracting as much

                                                attention as I hoped.   Perhaps that will change in the future.

                                                 I have a new project I’ll be pursuing in 2009 but for now I’ll

                                                keep it a secret.  Hang on, it will be something totally different.

                                               My daughter will be going into college in 2009 so that’s a

                                               big change for me atleast from a standpoint of income.  

                                               It could be income and attention draining.

                                              Nevertheless,  I’ll work to keep this log up this year.  

                                              Right now, my energy level  is low and I’m distracted

                                              by all the other work that needs my attention.  All the

                                              best in 2009.  Logout.