February 2009

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Albuquerque Sunset

Albuquerque Sunset

fever continues.
Do something!
more bleeding!
till the ground is red!
More red!
More bleeding!
Until the whole land
is covered in need.

Dave Barber

You say,
dark is the yard,
the mountains,
and the sun going down-
waiting for the cool drop.

I see the light fading
waiting for the fullness
to end, and new light.


On the new year,
I’m wondering where winter sleeps,
certainly not in my backyard
where the leaves remain sleepy brown,
grasses bid me to wake up soon,
waking up soon.

Sure, winter wakes here
by the calendar – at least
but my eyes lie to me,
and my heart tests the metal
of the season.

Night moon gleaming
her body glistening above me
a groan fills the air!