April 2009

Those natural numbers seem lonely
sitting there counting upward
but never irregularly
or like a prime-
One number
can’t divide
except itself

I’m prime and natural
irregular and rational-
sometimes not.

But wanting to count
I’m chasing those numbers
looking for equations
that equal peace.


Passing Venus,
I’m checking the moon,
covering herself,
flashing her eyes

as her mares slip by
slipping, covering

but only for a moment
just that moment
when light flutters
into darkness

and voices slip
down to gutterized

So, I’m staring
at you.

On Values:

I taught a course on Safety Culture last year for a grad school course. One of the things I learned was that Values are built from our beliefs. Therefore, as our beliefs change so our values. The model for behavior looks like:


So, to change behaviors, we don’t target the attitudes- that makes a ’submarine’ behavior ie, they behave the way we want while we watch. But a true change in behavior occurs when learning takes place and learning when the values and beliefs change. Therefore, we ask questions about values and beliefs, we learn to help people understand those and the behaviors change as a result. Does that make sense?

In the field of safety, we learn to teach the value/belief so that the behavior changes. In Christianity, we do the same. So, the value: People matter to God is a Belief, the value is People are important, the attitude is love/care toward people, the behavior is the caring.






Poetry eBook Review – Where the Fenceline Runs by Dave Barber

Posted: 28 Dec 2008 11:27 AM CST

Not normally a reader of poetry, I was pleasantly surprised when I read David Barber’s latest eBook. The book is titled Where the Fenceline Runs, and includes a good number of poems by my now favorite poet.

The simple reality is that good poetry is rare. Sure you can find lots of decent poems related to love, loss, etc, but poetry related to all topics in life (that actually makes you stop and think) is hard to find.

In the eBook Where the Fenceline runs, good poetry is exactly what you’ll find. Dave doesn’t follow one style, or cover one topic, rather this collection of poems deals with many aspects of life, and almost all of them will move you and/or make you think. Poems like For some reason, Horizons, Kingdoms, and Keepers truly convey feeling, and they really make you stop and consider.

For anyone who enjoys a good poem, I am highly recommending this eBook. The book contains close to 100 poems, and at $6.39 for the Kindle book, it is a great investment in excellent reading material. The book is also available in paperback, and I have included links to both at the bottom of this review.

An Excerpt from Where the Fenceline Runs:

How Many Surfaces?

Now the drop has become one,

World’s larger –

Reflecting the surface only

A greater freedom in the new

Union or just the same.

Reflections are backwards

My face in the drop Is upside down

Distorted and stretched

Into a new place

Self sees the day

Ended in evaporation

Surface is gone – for now

Dried into the next time

I’m wondering about the next time.

Quicklinks –

Get David Barbers eBook in Kindle FormatWhere The Fenceline Runs(Kindle Format – Will also work on MobiPocket software)

also available in paperbackWhere The Fenceline Runs (Paperback)

Check out David Barber’s Fine Poetry Blog (finepoetry.wordpress.com)


Irises in Spring

Irises in Spring

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