On Values:

I taught a course on Safety Culture last year for a grad school course. One of the things I learned was that Values are built from our beliefs. Therefore, as our beliefs change so our values. The model for behavior looks like:


So, to change behaviors, we don’t target the attitudes- that makes a ’submarine’ behavior ie, they behave the way we want while we watch. But a true change in behavior occurs when learning takes place and learning when the values and beliefs change. Therefore, we ask questions about values and beliefs, we learn to help people understand those and the behaviors change as a result. Does that make sense?

In the field of safety, we learn to teach the value/belief so that the behavior changes. In Christianity, we do the same. So, the value: People matter to God is a Belief, the value is People are important, the attitude is love/care toward people, the behavior is the caring.