I’m a writer.  I’m your friend.   Not your everyday kind. But one that started more than 30 years ago by asking alot of why questions. I started to write at 16 and I have to tell you that my sister Patti was a big influence. For Patti, writing, drawing and painting were as easy as breathing. My experience was not the same. But I started writing, recording my thoughts in composition books in 1979. All those places are warm, cozy blankets to wrap up in.  They are places to take with you.  My poetry covers the globe and a range of experiences. From Cheyenne Wyoming to Okinawa Japan and places in between. Mountaintop to valley -literally. The writing tells you many stories I probably wouldn’t say outloud. So in a sense, this is me exposed – letting my heart show and sharing it with you in a personal way. Every line is connected to something that happened. I grew up in Corpus Christi Texas in 1959 although it doesn’t feel like home at all. I joined the Air Force in 1978 and went to F.E. Warren AFB. Since then, I’ve travelled and grown. Here, I’ll share those stories. If you listen really close, you’ll hear the quiet messages, the stop and hesitation of life, a pause, reconsideration and pondering.  My writing isn’t complex or out of norm. I keep it simple and real.  My books offer a unique place.  What if you could carry that safe, recharge place with you – where ever you are?  That’s is this writing.  A safe place.    I invite you to join me in this place.




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  1. upinvermont Says:

    Hi Dave,

    I’ve been getting all sorts of visitors who link through your website. Not sure why, but I like it. Check your stats, you might be getting visitors from me.

    Nice to check out your site. My own is at:

    I’ll put your site on my blogroll. (And I’m gonna’ do that right after I’ve written this note.)

    Love the web.

    Where else would the likes of us be able to speak our minds?

  2. dbarber59 Says:

    I appreciate that! That’s cool. I’ll check my stats. Thanks for adding my to your blogroll!


  3. Mahendra Says:

    That’s one of the best About pages I’ve read.

    You’re obviously a very gifted writer!

  4. dbarber59 Says:

    Why thank you! I appreciate that!

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    Power and movement,

    right pillar will hold,


    archer at the gate a symbol engraved in gold.

    Direction, thoughtfulness,

    stability of creative states,

    from within is rejuvenation,

    never failing they relate.

    A life composed of many,

    return of the light,

    warmth revives.

    Purpose and meaning,

    an instrument even blunt,

    as the weapons will protect,

    a castle in time.

    The naked truth

    as beautiful as time,

    higher love urging,

    as the bells do chime.

    Higher love soaring above,

    creations and forms,

    of the love lived,

    earthly attempts touching upon the divine.


    Beautiful is you,

    love sustaining,

    all cities merge in me,

    a universe waiting within.

    From all part they flow,

    into a vessel so blue,

    potential and life,

    within, so new.

    A part of me , a part of you,

    beautiful nakedness,

    even unassuming,

    is the light.

    Mauve pink

    and yellow blue,

    as the skies are streaked,

    on this night.


    as the mermaid awaiting in the storm,

    a love sustaining,



    Inner reality or essence,

    related, to the outward life at hand,

    as the angels reflect,

    back and forth between realms.

    His own direction he commands,

    as he is guarded by a world beyond,



    Angels of all things,

    knowing relations,

    through worlds traversing,


    As secrets unknown, remain the angels

    of forests, mountains seas and nations,

    residing, guarding,


    The moon the sun the galaxies and constellations,

    all protected by an angel specified,

    as astral realms redefine,

    the borders in time are formless.

    As haze in the morning sky,

    the lines between comings into view,

    angels exist in a sphere beyond

    each world a lifetime.

    Inner and outer worlds,


    one brings forth

    as the other is sublime.


    White and black,

    golden is a crown,

    falling is man

    recomposing in combinations.

    Coming together,

    as parts unite, lives undone emerge

    love attesting, connection from old,

    from a source, affirming.

    When lost,

    love reminds,

    already existing

    and creating anew.

    As the lovers,

    musing over possibility,

    creations like building blocks,

    piling, combinations remind.

    Four sides fighting for body in spirit,

    three weapon on each side,

    holding up foundations,

    angel of the ascendant, guardian angel affirming.

    Angel of the sun of birth,

    angel of the lunar influence

    uniting through,

    darkness and light.

  6. Dave,
    I love the feel of your site, some great stuff. I was wondering if you would be interested in exchanging links with my blog, if you are please contact me.

  7. dbarber59 Says:

    Absolutely! I’ll visit your site! Thank you!

  8. Aquillrelle Says:

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    4. The specific conditions of each individual contest must be adhered to.

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  9. oinky Says:

    i really like your blogs..and your ‘about page’ makes it more interesting 🙂

    maybe you’d like to check out mine too 😀


  10. It was great spending time at this blog 😀 Its excellent!! I’ve added a Blogroll already 😀


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