2008 election

Where is my world going? As I watch the traditions disappear, honorable things turn to dishonor. It scares me.   The economy is collasping,  everything is being re-defined.   Racism has increased, not decreased.    Truth is suppressed. (Reference EPA suppressing the Global warming data.)  We’re become what we were never supposed to be.  Freedom has died in a vote – cheered and rallied.   As it was said in the Star Wars Movie.  Freedom has died among thunderous applause!

“We must all jointly suffer… We must all suffer to be the same. Self-interests are condemned.”

But it’s that a loss of individualism? Isn’t this what we warned before this administration took the reins of command?  Sacrificing your self- interests for the common good is losing the very strength of the nation.  But who is defining the common good?  Why the administration.  You become a number.  A robot that can be programmed to behave in an approved way.  You’ve sold yourself.  And you’ll be told how wonderful it is, how caring you are that you’ve sacrificed.

First week in office

focus riding on others,

taking a sea trip out of country.


So, the rhetoric was real,

so the words mean something.


What is brewing,

what we are drinking-

a mix of brimstone-

(Careful where I go.)

and sulfur.



Yes,  cloven and clear.



Arguing over rules of the games,

left of right –


considering the rules

are decided by the Gamer!




All citizens

are asked to revel in the King 

at his pleasure.


At times,

the King seems distant

but walking to the microphone

he proclaims viglance

power and might,


Our money is his

our calendars, children

and lives – his

and joys of life?



the state makes decisions

owns the property and 


what a relief

not to have that burden

hanging over us 

these past years!


We serve to his advice

his pleasure yes at least

to his longevity,


And count the days

to his rule begins.



20 Dec 08



a nightfall fierce winds beset us

rivers rose across states

bridges collaspe

people fall beneath mainstreet

washed away.


Snow obscures detail 

to defeafness,

men debate jobs,

and victory in votes

means little.


food in their hands

would be change

warmth not weapons

would be change,

A Seine free,

a rio released,

million pregnant women

left to birth.


that would be change.


20 Dec 08


What is a Green Job?   Brown, red, purple?   I heard this on the news- what does this mean to create Green Job.  Are Green Jobs actually going to help the economy?  Prolong the current crisis?  Supporting environmentalism?  This is what we need?   I don’t know how that helps anyone.   The environmentalist have already talked about how we’e destroying the planet –  we need more people to do that?  Why???????



We three kings from detroit Czars

travel to DC looking for gifts!

to bail out our cars!


OH, Oh

Congress of wonder wonder

Congress of  might

give us money

make us right!


Liberal leaning

 still conceeded!


Bail out our huge mess!


14 December 2008

Samuki Yo,

Line of snow-covered houses

wood smoke drifting by.


Dave Barber

11 December 2008


What would it take?

to have perjury removed?

a surgeon of renown 

to visit in the town?




cut out,


Or chemo

good or bad.

Imagine that-



I think, 

difficult procedure

for their life is wrapped

in lies,

their heart a muttered mess

of partial truths immersed

in falsehood.


To excise would remove all

and that explains alot!


9 Decemember 2008

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