Where is my world going? As I watch the traditions disappear, honorable things turn to dishonor. It scares me.   The economy is collasping,  everything is being re-defined.   Racism has increased, not decreased.    Truth is suppressed. (Reference EPA suppressing the Global warming data.)  We’re become what we were never supposed to be.  Freedom has died in a vote – cheered and rallied.   As it was said in the Star Wars Movie.  Freedom has died among thunderous applause!


First week in office

focus riding on others,

taking a sea trip out of country.


So, the rhetoric was real,

so the words mean something.


What is brewing,

what we are drinking-

a mix of brimstone-

(Careful where I go.)

and sulfur.



Yes,  cloven and clear.



Lonely as a candle flame,

bouncing, turning

lighting for a moment’s window

then quick fade back to dimness.


If those carbons had choices

they’d burn slowly

surely and constantly

mating with oxygen

tearing off to live

as new –

(see what love does!)

A bound they can’t break

waiting for a tree

to swallow them

drop the carbon to earth

and start over again.



4 Jan 09


eBook Awards – Best Fiction eBook for December 2008 (and other great reads) 

Posted: 01 Jan 2009 01:04 PM CST

To highlight writing from authors who don’t work in the mainstream world of publishing, we are going to be giving away an award each month for our top-picks. Each month we will confer on the books that we have reviewed as a team, and on the 1st of each month we will highlight one author. That author will get the eBook of the month award! The award winner will be selected by our writer’s, but if you’ve read something we reviewed you can vote as well (just leave a comment on the review).

This particular award will only be given to authors out of the mainstream (those with million-dollar publishing contracts do not qualify). By doing this we hope to gain some attention for authors who deserve it, and to promote the medium of eBooks in general.

If you’ve been looking for your next great read – be sure to grab a copy of our award winner’s eBooks, and don’t forget to check out the runners up. They were all great eBooks!

December’s Award Winning eBook

This month’s award goes to Keith Latch for his eBook Bestseller (horror genre). We reviewed a few books from new(er) authors last month, but according to Trevas this was the best-of-the-best. You can read his review of Bestseller here. This was the one book that he reviewed that he finished from front to back without stopping (he says he stopped once to sleep for a few hours).

Bestseller is a fairly new release, and is currently available from Champagne books only. You may also want to check out some of Keith’s other books in the Kindle Store: Other Books by Keith Latch from the Kindle Store

Runner’s Up (also highly recommended)

We also highly recommend the following eBooks. All of whom were close to winning our eBook of the Month Award.

Where the Fenceline Runs – Poetry by David Barber

Rowan of the Wood by Christine and Ethan Rose (Fantasy – YA Readers)

Shadows by Joan De La Hay (Horror)

Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed to get great reviews on a daily basis. Also don’t forget to enter our contest by writing an eBook review for us; you will have a chance to win an eReader! If you are an eBook author, and would like to have your book reviewed on our site, please send your review copy to reviews@ebookguru.org. 


                                                   USS ENTRAPRISE                                                               STARDATE:  40842 211

                                                   LOCAS DATABASE CONNECTED:  B3 528                         

                                                 BARBER LOG 

                                                 I don’t know where the year has gone.  It has been a very

                                                 trying year and next year may be even more difficult.

                                                Work may change as the political environement

                                                changes.  My new book is out but not attracting as much

                                                attention as I hoped.   Perhaps that will change in the future.

                                                 I have a new project I’ll be pursuing in 2009 but for now I’ll

                                                keep it a secret.  Hang on, it will be something totally different.

                                               My daughter will be going into college in 2009 so that’s a

                                               big change for me atleast from a standpoint of income.  

                                               It could be income and attention draining.

                                              Nevertheless,  I’ll work to keep this log up this year.  

                                              Right now, my energy level  is low and I’m distracted

                                              by all the other work that needs my attention.  All the

                                              best in 2009.  Logout.


Arguing over rules of the games,

left of right –


considering the rules

are decided by the Gamer!




All citizens

are asked to revel in the King 

at his pleasure.


At times,

the King seems distant

but walking to the microphone

he proclaims viglance

power and might,


Our money is his

our calendars, children

and lives – his

and joys of life?



the state makes decisions

owns the property and 


what a relief

not to have that burden

hanging over us 

these past years!


We serve to his advice

his pleasure yes at least

to his longevity,


And count the days

to his rule begins.



20 Dec 08


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