Yes,  I’m approaching 50 and the math overwhelms me.  Half-century sounds old – maybe by it’s nature, maybe by words.  We associate century with old things.   We speak of antigues in this manner. It’s a half-century old brings oohs and ahhs from a crowd.  But not from people.  A half-century person is just an old guy. Where’s the value in that piece of information?  Just like the mist ghosting around the river, it’s here and gone and who cares?  We might acknowledge it briefly, even walk its trails in wonder but then it passes.  Ho-hum, it’s gone. 

But as my birthday approaches (at approximately 8:48am my mother reminds me.)  I think about the last century.  The minutes clicking away and moments disappearing one thought comes to mind.  It’s the same thought I onced asked my boss.  I asked the so-what question.  What impact have I made?  Did you receive your money’s worth?   At work, it’s easy to answer (Or easier) because I can point to various documents, detachments, assessments, etc, that I’ve been privy to.  Never mind the scores of mindless minutes I’ve attended.  But here, here at the end of 50 years, what really do I have?   My daughter is grown. I’ve tried to impart the best to her.  What have I taught her?  Is she ready to be an adult?  Maybe a bigger question (Or better)  could I had really changed her.  She will have to discover her own path as I did.  I must make that way clear for her – some how.   Yes,  I have the same wish – that I had this wisdom at twenty. But what would be twenty without the will, the ability to make those mistakes.   That is what the age is all about- the exploring is what life is about – (I’m convincing myself at this point, aren’t I?)     So, there is one question left, right?

What does the next twenty or thirty years bring?  If I have that long.  There are no guarantees.  I could barely finish this missive and pass on.  Will I do better or will I continue waste time and act like an errant school boy on dirty dog summer days?   I still feel like that boy.  I really do.


月の霧 彼女の露出した体のまわりのカーテンを通したスリップ。


Poetry eBook Review – Where the Fenceline Runs by Dave Barber

Posted: 28 Dec 2008 11:27 AM CST

Not normally a reader of poetry, I was pleasantly surprised when I read David Barber’s latest eBook. The book is titled Where the Fenceline Runs, and includes a good number of poems by my now favorite poet.

The simple reality is that good poetry is rare. Sure you can find lots of decent poems related to love, loss, etc, but poetry related to all topics in life (that actually makes you stop and think) is hard to find.

In the eBook Where the Fenceline runs, good poetry is exactly what you’ll find. Dave doesn’t follow one style, or cover one topic, rather this collection of poems deals with many aspects of life, and almost all of them will move you and/or make you think. Poems like For some reason, Horizons, Kingdoms, and Keepers truly convey feeling, and they really make you stop and consider.

For anyone who enjoys a good poem, I am highly recommending this eBook. The book contains close to 100 poems, and at $6.39 for the Kindle book, it is a great investment in excellent reading material. The book is also available in paperback, and I have included links to both at the bottom of this review.

An Excerpt from Where the Fenceline Runs:

How Many Surfaces?

Now the drop has become one,

World’s larger –

Reflecting the surface only

A greater freedom in the new

Union or just the same.

Reflections are backwards

My face in the drop Is upside down

Distorted and stretched

Into a new place

Self sees the day

Ended in evaporation

Surface is gone – for now

Dried into the next time

I’m wondering about the next time.

Quicklinks –

Get David Barbers eBook in Kindle FormatWhere The Fenceline Runs(Kindle Format – Will also work on MobiPocket software)

also available in paperbackWhere The Fenceline Runs (Paperback)

Check out David Barber’s Fine Poetry Blog (

Two can love

in those dark nights

and even when the wind blows

through our limbs

and the leaves quake.








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Where The Fenceline Runs (Paperback)

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So, I live with seven dwarves, right?
like seven workers- miners!
who dig all day-
Hey, they’re handicapped
no work provisions,
they just work.

And me?
I stay home and sing, clean
and darn –
darn these socks!
there are so many!
ever try to keep up with seven guys?
underwear all over the floor,
popcorn bowls thrown in the sink,
and the beer cans?   Crap! They’re everywhere!

Happy gets drunk,
sneezy spits his booze on the carpet
Bashful hides in his room,
Doc wants to play doctor
Sleepy snoozes on the couch,
Grumpy doesn’t like the meals, sex, nothing- Snap!

Damn, what am I doing here?
Seven working guys,
and they’re terrible!
Next time, I’ll hang out
with the Witch!

And by the way,
just to clear it up,
after living with seven guys,
I’m not Snow White!







it’s likely

even probable

that multiple nested worlds

pass through us,

each digital

each constructed.


I’ve been

in each one.

A soldier




All mixed

all together.


Who am I?




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