Well,  it’s nearly the end of 2008.   It is during this time that I always set back and ask myself what I wanted to do in 2008.  Then I ask myself,  did I complete it?    Also, I ask what do I want to do in 2009?

So, what do you want to do in 2008?   Did you finish it?


Dave Barber

So many days,

Counting each one tires me,

going through tens,


but still remembering each louting moment-

each afternoon wasted.


And if I forgot,

then hades makes a visit

till I recall her heat.


At 4000,

friends joked about receding sands

and waves that never crash again,



how about never even wet the beach,

Damn, how about never show themselves

it’s the same ocean.



with Daughter opening her door,

starting her life,

what advice would I have?


Don’t forget the ocean.



25 December 2008


Merry Christmas to All!



In the moment,

You’re sleeping,

I’m digging

looking beyond self

and solitary slender trees

somewhere life emerges

behind the snow,

those tiny swallowing pellets

leaping from sky,

spit from clouds,

I’m waiting

for my passkey,

my guest pass

enter and enjoy.


20 December 2008


music redone

a mix




mixed with arrogance-


interesting combining

God and electric-

Drawing a line

between new and old.



Dave Barber

19 Dec 08



Sometimes, we shouldn’t mess with traditions!

Friends 1


Mark said  I should know better.

from Arkansas, he was a hard line

without compromise,

a facing rock with only sharp edges.


11 Dec 08

Dave Barber


Friends 2

Jef is a  diamond,

shining and bright

among the dimness.


14 Dec 08



Haiku Restaurant


Pesole and beans

across a arange sun table

sounds of satisfaction.

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