Well,  it’s nearly the end of 2008.   It is during this time that I always set back and ask myself what I wanted to do in 2008.  Then I ask myself,  did I complete it?    Also, I ask what do I want to do in 2009?

So, what do you want to do in 2008?   Did you finish it?


Dave Barber


The new Book,  Natural Laws, is coming soon.   If you have a favorite poem you’d like to read in this book, please vote!  I’d like to hear about it.  If you have a suggestions for the content, again, please post here.
Thanks so much for your reading and comments!  I appreciate them all!!!


What are the elements of any good Story?  I’ll be discussing them here!


1.  Mentor/Teaching

2.  Student

3.  Clown

4.  Lover/Friend

5.  Hero

6.  Evil one

7.  ?


What else?

Not seeing tone

color, slant,


Not seeing group

but ability,


as a core,


not a covering later

safety as belief

not add-on.


Rule values

small town,



But not control


there, I said it.


Not for sale.



Dave Barber

15 December 2008

Clothes make the Man!

What does that mean-

if clothes make the man, then

what about

you can dress them up

but not take them out?


A pig with lipstick

is still a pig.



All these statements

lead to nothing.


Dave Barber

After the Day,

the cost sinks in

and payment plans

place themselves.


It’s a new year

less dollars

less heart-


the day after

needs to be



Before is -Eve

as if her gentleness

and apple error

made it before.


Let’s call it -adam

Christmas Adam

to realize our error

lie about the cost

and head out anyway.



9 December 2008

A flag drapped coffin

bugler’s shadow

slips into the grave site.


5 Nov 08

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