So, I live with seven dwarves, right?
like seven workers- miners!
who dig all day-
Hey, they’re handicapped
no work provisions,
they just work.

And me?
I stay home and sing, clean
and darn –
darn these socks!
there are so many!
ever try to keep up with seven guys?
underwear all over the floor,
popcorn bowls thrown in the sink,
and the beer cans?   Crap! They’re everywhere!

Happy gets drunk,
sneezy spits his booze on the carpet
Bashful hides in his room,
Doc wants to play doctor
Sleepy snoozes on the couch,
Grumpy doesn’t like the meals, sex, nothing- Snap!

Damn, what am I doing here?
Seven working guys,
and they’re terrible!
Next time, I’ll hang out
with the Witch!

And by the way,
just to clear it up,
after living with seven guys,
I’m not Snow White!







It’s vain,

to think the fires of Denver

would be remembered

in the coolness of Albuquerque,

utter vanity.


Those words,


fell like the weather outside

to simple falling flakes of ice.


Here, there





between bed sheets,

who can find them  later?


13 December 2008


On your birthday,

a night at your favorite table

steak and wine,


naked on the bed,

with desire sheets laid out!


You asked my wishes

sorry I was candid!


9 Dec 08

When the candle was lit

I settled into a dream

that the flame kissed me

brushed my face

with it’s soft wax,

leaving it’s lipstick

it flickered across me

in a rhythm

making love 





When we finished,

I was out of breath.



Dave Barber

Silly thoughts

5 Nov 08

Podría despertar de un sueño eso era tan verdadero su cuerpo se vistió en cordón negro levantando y gimiendo, usted respiración que crece corta y sus pechos que se menean como las boyas ¡en nuestro océano del deseo! ¡Dios, montando esas ondas de hacia arriba y hacia abajo! ¡sería tan bueno! Pero soy despierto, y usted me hizo una oferta apague la luz usted es cansado y mi corazón todavía está batiendo rápidamente. Peluquero de Dave

I could wake from a dream

that was so real-

your body dressed in black lace

heaving and moaning,

you breath growing short

and your breasts bobbing like buoys

in our ocean of desire!

God, riding those waves of up and down!

it would be so good!


But I’m awake,

and you bid me

turn off the light

you’re tired

and my heart

is still beating fast.



Dave Barber

Natural Laws

Onde o mar se usou para estar – Encontrado onde o mar era forte e dobrado na costa, tomando lhe a grão pela grão, era de nenhuma maneira ricos mas apreciado cada onda, cada redemoinho saboroso salgado, recolheu, a espuma em seus bordos. Na noite, as ondas chegaram outra vez, um cheiro no ar um perfume da salmoura, esperou nos mares pesados, Para descansar em sua praia, recolha seu estouro do mar amando esse sol e mesmo areia nos lugares. Mas o sol sentado – e choveu na noite levemente e através dos prados. Quando a névoa macia se estabeleceu dentro soube, Soube havia uma parte traseira do desengate ao mar. Dave 1 dezembro 08

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