“We must all jointly suffer… We must all suffer to be the same. Self-interests are condemned.”

But it’s that a loss of individualism? Isn’t this what we warned before this administration took the reins of command?  Sacrificing your self- interests for the common good is losing the very strength of the nation.  But who is defining the common good?  Why the administration.  You become a number.  A robot that can be programmed to behave in an approved way.  You’ve sold yourself.  And you’ll be told how wonderful it is, how caring you are that you’ve sacrificed.


dscf6741dscf6742Christmas brings memories…

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Some day,

I think you’ll know my heart.

You’ll pick up the folder, book, journal

and break your heart

like the ice forming outside,

(At least this sheet)


You’ll know

how hurt I was when forgotten

when i was secondary 

to life in general

the show,



at this point,

i am gone

a scratch of ink lines

stretching a word to a thought,

into a strange passion,

you’ve never read.



11 December 2008

Dave Barber

From my window-

the mountains are white

in the crystal moonlight!



Dave Barber

11 Dec 08

far out,

a lone duck bobs and bobs

the river in winter time.


Dave Barber

6 December 2008

It’s cold in Albuquerque this morning but the sun is shinning, the breeze blowing and my new book hit Amazon.com.  It’s a good day.  So,  it’s all done, right?  Not quite.  Now I need your help.  I’d love for you to post a review on Amazon.  Thus far,  I’ve received great comments on the pieces I’ve posted here.  So, if you could share those comments,  I’d really appreciate it!



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