Here is a list of books to consider.  I enjoy each one of these and can not say one is better than the others.


1.  Poetry International  

2.  Poetry Companion

3.  National Poetry Review

4.  The Best American Poetry  – editor  David Lehman

5.  Mary Oliver,  (Any of hers!)

6.  The Art of Drowning,   Billy Collins

7.  Ploughshares,  Emerson College.

8.   Naomi Shihab Nye.



I’ll update this list on a regular basis!




2 Responses to “Books To Consider”

  1. Tamam Kahn Says:

    I suggest Naomi Shihab Nye. She’s an amazing poet and human being and got a standing ovation of more than 3,000 listeners at The Dodge Poetry Fest in September. Check out any of her poems. They are on the web.

  2. dbarber59 Says:

    I appreciate that! I’ve added it to this post!


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