There is a connection.  The appreciation of photography and poetry is connected. (I believe!)  I love the beauty of a fall day.  And, after seeing such beauty, I can’t help but pour out my heart in the form of words like a fountain.   My daughter has caught the fever too.  Every evening she writes short stories.  On the weekends, we walk along the river and compose autumn pictures.  She’s turned into a great photographer.  She has the eye.  

So, is that ability learned or inherited?  I wonder.   I have always loved the mountains since I was young.  I fell in love with words at 16.


Dave Barber

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


27 Oct 08

2 Responses to “Fine Photography”

  1. Dennis Roth Says:

    That’s a great way to connect with your daughter, about the best kind. You’re a lucky guy that way.

    Me again,
    Dennis Roth

  2. dbarber59 Says:

    Thank you! Sorry I’m so late in responding back. I consider myself blessed to have a sweet daughter!


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