Are you looking for the latest book without cost?  Here it is!  this is a safe resting place, a place to relax and enjoy yourself.   You can download it. It is in PDF format so you’ll need acrobat reader.



28 Responses to “Free E-Book! Click here!”

  1. Giselle Says:

    Do you get all books at this site?
    Im an avid reader of books.. thats why..

  2. dbarber59 Says:

    I have e-copies of the three books:

    Life in a minor key
    Painting with Fingers
    Where the Fence Line Runs.

    I can send them if you’d like them!


  3. Giselle Says:

    What kind of books are they?
    Hey by the way, I like the way your thoughts are woven together in your poetry…

  4. dbarber59 Says:

    They are all poetry books. I enjoy writing poetry. I have started a SciFi novel but I haven’t completed them yet.


  5. Giselle Says:

    Somehow I keep wandering to “Where the Fence Line Runs” ..

    Anyway, I one brand day thought I would write a novel and my God!!! What I realized after one month was that I can write poems. But I just can NOT write stories!!! 😉 So I thought I would rather stick to poetry writing 😉

  6. dbarber59 Says:

    It’s the most recent collection. If you want, send an email to I’ll send you a draft copy. It will be out in print in a few weeks.

    Novels are alot harder – I can’t say I’m very good at it. But I love poems. I’d love to read your poetry if you’d like to post it here.


  7. Giselle Says:

    🙂 I would love for you to read them.. It is posted in my site.. why don’t you drop by when you have time.. 🙂

  8. Giselle Says:

    or else if you want to go directly to the poetry site, just click on

  9. dbarber59 Says:

    Will do! Thanks for the invitation!


  10. Giselle Says:

    Anytime buddy 🙂

  11. dbarber59 Says:

    Please visit often! I have the books if you want a free download.


  12. Giselle Says:

    oki.. I will be sure to ask you 🙂
    Visit me sometimes too…
    hey by the way have you this collection of love poems? It is this small hard bound book .. with a cupid kind of portrait in the front.. it has illustrations and the most loveliest of love poems…

  13. dbarber59 Says:

    No I don’t have a collection of love poems. I have written a number of them but I’ve never put them in a book. Do you have a suggestion on them? Have you written Love poems?


  14. Giselle Says:

    the book’ name was i guess “A collection of love poems” …
    Anyway, I may have written down the isbn number somewhere.. I shall tell you if i find it…
    I too have written some love poems.. 🙂
    I wish to publish my poetry someday… I hope I find some good publisher… Someday….

  15. dbarber59 Says:

    I’d like to read them! Can you post one? I’ll put them on the site. I know a publisher.


  16. Giselle Says:

    did you go through any of my poetry on my site.. I think I have one somewhere there too…

  17. dbarber59 Says:

    I’ll look for it again – I didn’t see it on the first time through.


  18. Giselle Says:

    Go to “Categories” on my sidebar and select poetry…

  19. dbarber59 Says:

    Oh, sorry, I’ll go look.


  20. Giselle Says:

    oh! That’s not a problem.. take your own time 🙂 I ain’t going anywhere 😉

  21. dbarber59 Says:

    I’m looking forward to it! I just finished working on a bulletin board for my Wife’s library to match the holiday season. It was alot of fun!


  22. Giselle Says:

    that must have been fun!! 😀
    So, has christmas decorations begun yet?

  23. dbarber59 Says:

    No not yet – we do that the day after Thanksgiving! When do you put up your decorations?


  24. Giselle Says:

    3 days before christmas 🙂

  25. dbarber59 Says:

    Oh, that’s cool! Well, I have to balance my holiday plans around three birthdays – Mother in law, wife and daughters. That makes my Christmas planning interesting!

    Do you have snow where you are? We have snow on occasion but not always at Christmas.


  26. Giselle Says:

    nope! No snow at all in this part of the world 🙂

  27. dbarber59 Says:

    Where are you from (If you don’t mind me asking?)


  28. WOW! I can not believe this. Preserve up the great operate I will be looking forward to extra posts from you.

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