13 Oct 08.

Growing older…

As I grow older, that narrow window of life is smaller.  Recently a friend of mine passed away from prostrate cancer. He was 53. Only 4 years older than me.  So, of course, this window appears very close. If I walk to the edge of the window, I can look down into forever.  That a click of here and now (a digital simulation) to reality.   The movie “The Matrix” comes to mind.  They jacked into the matrix from reality.  We are in the simulation and going to reality.  So, the simulation is that narrow river running by.  I could watch both ends. Funny how that works.   The water passing is the same water I saw before.  I could probably even dive in for a moment and feel digital wetness until the next click of latching occurs. 


Dave Barber


I can’t believe what I’m reading.  Looking at this committee – a group of Dem Hacks who had one thing in mind, to destroy Sarah Palin. If this happened with Obama (and it should because he has a Hellish past with associations!) there would be such an uproar. But I doubt it would receive even 1/8 the notice.

By the way, Big Oil isn’t the enemy, neither is Big Pharm or any other. If you check, these companies employ people, right? People like us. They are not the enemy. Oil is the fuel of democracy – it’s why we are the nation that we are. So, next time we think we want to get back at Big Oil, think about what that does. It hurts the little guy. I don’t understand revenge politics and certainly don’t understand wanting to get back at an organization that is an essential part of the freedom in this country. That same freedom that allows posts like this.



Update:  30 Oct 08.  The latest comment I heard today was that Capitalism is selfish.  That’s an interesting point of view.  I suppose it’s selfish because it doesn’t distribute evenly or perhaps a better way to examine would be that it favors sellers or buyers.   Is it a flaw in the human psyche that requires a competitive spirit or a yearning to improve, to grow and press upward?  I’m only asking the questions here.  I’d love to hear the responses.




Obama’s brother lives in a Kenyan shack

U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama’s lost brother has been tracked down in Kenya. George Hussein Onyango Obama, aged 26, was found by journalists from the Italian edition of Vanity Fair. He reportedly lives in poverty in a shack on the outskirts of Nairobi.

He has the same father as the U.S. senator, Barack Hussein Obama, but a different mother.  Her name has been given as Jael.

The youngest of Obama’s half-brothers says he lives on less than a dollar per month in a 2m x 3m shack. Its walls are decorated with posters of famous footballers and a calendar featuring exotic beaches. The magazine also noted George has a newspaper picture of his brother.

He has only met his famous brother twice. Once when he was five and then in 2006 when Senator Obama visited Nairobi. George admits their meeting was very brief and cool.

Strange, if Obama wants to redistribute wealth, why don’t he send it to his brother?

3 Responses to “Just Thoughts… Continued”

  1. dbarber59 Says:

    Once a state allows the unproductive members to vote themselves bread and circuses at the expense of the productive, they will every time until they bleed the state to death!

    Robert A. Heinlein

  2. gentledove Says:

    If you say oil is the fuel of democracy then the price of democracy is very high and has an ever nearing end

  3. dbarber59 Says:

    I hope not. I hope Democracy lasts for a long time. But you could say the cost of democracy is our very lives. It’s costs to maintain freedom.


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