It’s a dead time-
July 1978,
I’m sitting, drinking
remember Mogan David Wine?
Yeah, I drank it
thinking 19 was the end-
last chance to play-
and with whom?

I was alone all day
like the dorm halls-
mountains stared at me.
across sepia hills.

If loneliness had a name
I knew it then.

It was drinking
to an empty birthday.



MawMaw called

looking for my wife

set to surprise her.


So I fished

my mind 

excuses lies-

it was empty.


Oh she’s out

I fished-



I could feel

the smile,


She knew

or didn’t 

but I could

feel the gaze

through the phone.



Dave Barber

5 December 2008

grandma1I remember

or I don’t

(How could I at 4?)


but there I am

staring at the cake

my sister ready,

grandma worrying


that at 4,

I’m small



Dave Barber

23 Nov 08