On the new year,
I’m wondering where winter sleeps,
certainly not in my backyard
where the leaves remain sleepy brown,
grasses bid me to wake up soon,
waking up soon.

Sure, winter wakes here
by the calendar – at least
but my eyes lie to me,
and my heart tests the metal
of the season.


I’ve seen them.

Introduce silver into twisted parts

ribbons and bows

into love-

there’s little philosophy to this act.

Just a bit of beauty over the moon.

A partial shady spot.


I’ve watched them

fashion neurotic symbalance

to style.

Somehow the hours are easy

silence and closure.


It hasn’t been my turn,

to flutter around

fix my look, curl, fashion, fix

into some happy moment-

as if joy was a ring to put on,

a clod of dirt to turn over

and plant under –

Yes, water, sow, and dream of fields

– horse and rider alike!


If it was more complicated,

wouldn’t we have figured it out?

not a heart’s eye problem,

or soul survey,

but a flesh that lifts itself

into a place above.


Dave Barber

15 December 2008

Without meaning to,

the light breaks to darkness

the ladder falls.


Without meaning to,

women mob me at stores,

throwing their panties at me.


Without meaning to,

the earth falls between clock pulses

pitching and tumbling,



without meaning to,

I awake.


13 December 2008



I could wake from a dream

that was so real-

your body dressed in black lace

heaving and moaning,

you breath growing short

and your breasts bobbing like buoys

in our ocean of desire!

God, riding those waves of up and down!

it would be so good!


But I’m awake,

and you bid me

turn off the light

you’re tired

and my heart

is still beating fast.



Dave Barber

Natural Laws

日本語 私は眠っていたまたは従って私は浜に恥じた、私あった考えた 愛を作る、 深く影で、 彼女のまわりの私の腕、 金のシートに置くこと 彼女の体のまわりで包まれる 流れる彼女の水流れることで飲む oh暗闇の流れること 彼女に対して懸命に押される! りんごの知識 この浜で 呼吸のために私に石造りにあえぐこと、彼女の柔らかい谷で、 深い恋人。

I was asleep or so I thought
ashamed, I was on a beach
making love,
deep in shadow,
my arms around her,
laying on sheets of gold
wrapped around her body
drinking in her water flowing,
oh the darkness flowing
pressed hard against her!

A knowledge of the apple-
even on this beach
my stone gasping for breath,
in her soft valley,
a deep lover.

30 Nov 08

On the day she died,

I helped Dad dress himself

in his favorite gray tie –

(everything is gray)


his trembling hands like

the stirred gulf waters

and gulls that won’t settle.


I breathed the salty air

down the street, the one

with lining cottonwoods,

toward the tiny empty room,

where she’s dressed in 

her best, old music streaming

through the crackly speakers.


I know that tune playing

I tell dad,

he nodds and winks,

she loved it, she loved it.


At the Service,

It’s a steep road

greeting no visitors

watching the deadlocked moon

smiling at the gulf

but I didn’t dare look

at the reflection.


Dave Barber

Natural Laws

21 Nov 08