I should know better,
than to play at the piranha pool-
placing my hand in,
offering kindness
only to find the teeth
are still there.

How stupid I am,
why would I expect different?

Why would I expect age
to bring kindness or concern-
any break from norm.

I’d hoped that age would filter
(I really did!)
anger, malice would sink
to clear waters.

How stupid I am.
to expect that turbulence
wouldn’t keep it mixed.

4 Jan 09

I had a home,
it was my sister that left-
first in a sense,

making the wood floors cold again.

When I left
it was different-
it was a door,
open widely
and a voice
wishing well
chiseled in stone.

that chisel never rested
it continued hammering
the same words one by one
until all the words were killed.

And now,
I’m troubled to see granite words.

When they arrive,
I set them aside,
pouring over them
maybe a breath
could bring life
to the dead bones-
speaking to them

“Speak to them”
I could say it.

but they’re dead
all the traction in the world
won’t move this up.

2 Jan 09

At this time,

my daughter hung by a thread

ready to be set free by knife.


I held her close

and her eyes said love.



Nineteen years later,

her eyes still say love

and only time distanced us.



You can buy “Where the Fence Line Runs” right now on Amazon.com! Check it out!

You can buy “Where the Fence Line Runs” right now on Amazon.com! Check it out!

Hey Guys,

Let me tell you about this book. Perhaps that’s why no one seems very interested. “Where the Fence Line Runs” started out titled as “Boundaries” because that is the theme – those boundaries we have to place between ourselves and even family members. I didn’t use Boundaries because that title is already used for another book (Not that direct title but close) so I used Where the Fence Line Runs to describe the boundaries we have to set – especially if you grew up like I did, I have to establish some boundaries or I’m hurt all over again. So, if you’ve experience that in your life, then this book is for you.  It will help you set those barriers and respond to them.    It talks about setting those barriers, situations when you say “That is enough, I’ve been hurt before, approach no further.”   It can be difficult to say this but very rewarding when you realilze you don’t have to let people hurt you!

I’d love to hear comments from everyone, I’d love to hear you’ve purchased the book on Amazon.com or downloaded the e-book.

Thanks again, I just thought I should explain what this book is about.


I’m so proud of my daughter!  Up to now,  her writing interests were in one area.  But last night, we read over her writing journal since she finished the school year.  She wrote poetry – Good poetry!  Wow,  it contained alliteration, metaphor, similie – all.  When I think back to my writing at 18, it was crap!  It was nothing but trope, predictable line, cliche, etc.  So, I’m very happy with her poems.  I’m hoping to encourage her even more.  Last night she tried writing Haiku.  She did pretty well.  They are more of a challenage!

What more could a Father want than to see his kids grow up and at least copy (and be better!) than he did.  That is part of what parenting is about – encouragement! My daughter wants to be an elementary school teacher (6th generation!) and she could write on the side.  I’ve read about many teachers, professors, educators that publish works in the evenings.  So, I’m excited and encouraged.  


Friends 1


Mark said  I should know better.

from Arkansas, he was a hard line

without compromise,

a facing rock with only sharp edges.


11 Dec 08

Dave Barber


Friends 2

Jef is a  diamond,

shining and bright

among the dimness.


14 Dec 08



Haiku Restaurant


Pesole and beans

across a arange sun table

sounds of satisfaction.

Wow, This is my 1001st post! It is hard to believe it’s grown like this. Thank you to all the readers who check in! I appreciate you!

tree stump:

the remainder of a huge playground

we climbed as kids.


Dave Barber

5 December 2008