fever continues.
Do something!
more bleeding!
till the ground is red!
More red!
More bleeding!
Until the whole land
is covered in need.

Dave Barber


William Wallace Quote: (to Nobles)

“You believe the people of this country  exist to give you power,   I think your position exists to give us Freedom!”

Wouldn’t we be better off if politicians thought this way?  Many of them look at us as only being sources of money for them.  Unfortunately many of them act like these nobles of old.  Funny how things change but don’t change.  Seven hundred years later and we still have the same thoughts.


John Galt,

You bastard-demon

asking for more than the ‘we.’


Your best was already decided

You’re unable to decide your path,

You need protection.


Fairness is equality.

The state decides.

Compliance is required

it’s for the best of all.


30 Oct 08

In the news,

the last vestiges of the old Party are gone

with the last factory converted to government

Each of the cities are green.

Population control is a science.

(10,000 citizens were recycled!)

It is a glorious day.

When any other traitors are found

still exhibiting any anti-state beliefs

Rest assured they will be dealt with harshly!


18 Oct 08

Dave Barber

Please comment!!!

Mark down 2010, the time when technology races into the future and leaves others in the dust. The melt down will be long forgotten and the lamp of economic growth fully lit.   Or, is it a guessing game?   There are alot of promises in 2010.  Microsoft promises a new OS to replace the last three new generations.  We just didn’t realize the birth defects early enough?  Banking technology will be more sophisticated – guess that means our money and identity can be lost in more ingenious ways.  Perhaps by then, we’re know where the skeletized closets are.  (Appropriate for Halloween?) and a view of the best systems.  By then the internet will be an undersized super highway may be expanded to 6 lane?  Or consolidated into one company.  Hyper text will be platform non-prejudiced, no wait, that was Java,  No wait, it’s  something else – or please.

Hardware?  Who knows, we are already at 3GHZ+ right, and Terabyte discs.  But it doesn’t matter because the OS will barely fit the latest systems.  The mouse and keyboard will be gone.  Place your bets, what will the OS look like, Ubantu?  OpenSource.  Who knows. 

From a political point of view,  I wouldn’t be surprised that we’ll see major taxes on emails and other internet related commodities.  Wait, is email a commodity?   Can you imagine the money to be earned if a penny was earned for every email? 

Some government agencies are going to a stripped-down computers for their users. (Saves money!)  We would have to pay for nice things like printers for example.  Great idea, huh?  Only the senior managers would have the ‘extras.’   Isn’t this moving backwards?   Dot.coms will be taxed to new highs

So there you have it.  A wild guess on technology based on the where we are.  It’s faster, smaller, more integrated, more space, bigger programs, single platform OS (right!),  less user friendly, less personal, more government.  Let’s check back in 2010.

 What do you think?


We, of the controlled States know

Our day is set by the powerful

and we, the controlled perspective laborers,

(The state decides our wages)

Hell, we don’t have wages, we have a labor’s camp

(Fair and equal)

and four squares swimming in grease.

Replacement is often,  We expect it.

#432 disappears,  he spoke up.

Laborers work but have no names,

names are irrelevant

we are a number of many others.

We are not exploited, but focused,

production is our material, pressed

into our sinews from the beginning.

Our class is labor,  free of swift struggles that inhibit,

Thank the state that we are free.


17 Oct 08

Dave Barber

The theory of Communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property.
Karl Marx

What do you think?

If we could ride back

on the long swells

into the desert,

watching the shop owner

falling asleep

at his desk,

candle blinking

at his side,

an oasis is temporary

and tents are the

best alternative

to real life.

Ache is just fatigue

on the long term,

brewing through the night.

Soaking bodies in this

town, it’s heart is dead.

Sterile is a shop worn

display, selling

government merchandise.


13 Oct 08

Dave Barber