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Let it go,

Two AM,

Let it go,

house changing



view changes.

a daily “bring to me”


I remember.


But wait,

direction means



is wrong

we must not

be wrong.

so not growing

not hard

a soft







Dave Barber

18 Dec 08

Friends 1

Mark said I should know better.
from Arkansas, he was a hard line
without compromise,
a facing rock with only sharp edges.

11 Dec 08
Dave Barber

Friends 2
Jef is a diamond,
shining and bright
among the dimness.

14 Dec 08

Haiku Resturant

Pesole and beans
across an orange sun table
sounds of satisfaction.

14 Dec 08

Opinion. It’s a strange time of year. Winter’s breath has already been felt. The feet of the night are showing, and the mercury dipping. In a few days, druids will bless the sun back to visit as hours are shorter. Maybe it would stay away this time. In the high desert, the ground is like her attitude, and there’s no chance for the smallest seed I might sow. Sowing? What’s that but the mention of a thought detached and distant. A mere twinkle of an idea I could spread around like some wild flower that could bloom – someday. But regardless the hard or the cold, I am not ready to press through that soil to try a planting.


Day break is soft
and warm, clouds
stretching their arms,
pink and gold,
taste of winter,
slow dripping waters
frozen thin wafers
thin wood smoke
wondering on roof tops.

Somehow winter
wonders in my heart.

Dave Barber
6 December 2008

Deepening Winter sky

temperature dropping ,

smell of wood fires.



Dave Barber

5 Dec 08


Winter Haiku

Cooking pies,

I’m mixing flour in a bowl,

snow deepening in the yard.


Dave Barber,

5 Dec 08

First Snow:
my daughter’s wet clothes
form a trail to her room.

Home for Christmas,

My childhood room changed

into a sewing place.


Dave Barber

5 December 2008


Family Things