It’s a strange start,
a sleeping person
turned ill

then the transformation.
My name to Doctor
my time gone,
my house a ward.

I’m wanted with water,

and it goes on.
Chores still needed,
life goes on,

and the hospital

I want to apologize, I’ve been out of sorts for the last couple of days with a virus.  It was like I was walking in a deep wooded forest with a heavy fog.  Occasionally, I’m able to see my way out  of the dimness and pen a few lines.   It’s a horrible feeling – wanting to write but lacking the energy to sit at the laptop.   The muse has not been effected by the disease.  It churns right along.  I was very affected by every form of distraction. So, while the desire to write was strong, the singing spirit was weak.  It hasn’t helped that I didn’t sleep for over 3 days.  As you can imagine, I was just plain tired.

So, I haven’t updated the site as I wanted.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the poems I’ve posted.  I promise I’ll write some more very soon.  If you’re interested in a particular type, form, etc, please let me know, I’ll write it.

Thanks again for reading my work and commenting.  For me, it’s like unwrapping a present at Christmas to find you words hidden under my tree.  I love to hear from you.

All the Best,