Fifty – it’s sounds old. It sounds middle aged – middle aged? Like knights of old? Armor?

Well, I turned 50 today.   And I wonder as I look out with dimished eyes how this will change my outlook.  Will I have a different view of life?  How do you feel about life?


Count the carbons

fifteen, twenty, twenty-five

yes, linked, bound, binding

together into a cold set.



until fire

lights me,



Burning coldly

casting our amber light

into rooms.


But what of it?

who counts the candle

save a monestery

pressing prayers into his hands



extinguishing and lighting again.


day after day.


when I’m burned out

spilling my liquid

useless short wick,


then I’m waste

just that collection 

of carbon refuge.



Dave Barber

Collection:  Natural Laws


20 Nov 08