I should know better,
than to play at the piranha pool-
placing my hand in,
offering kindness
only to find the teeth
are still there.

How stupid I am,
why would I expect different?

Why would I expect age
to bring kindness or concern-
any break from norm.

I’d hoped that age would filter
(I really did!)
anger, malice would sink
to clear waters.

How stupid I am.
to expect that turbulence
wouldn’t keep it mixed.

4 Jan 09


Two hours
what ever was left is gone
swept away
in foolishness and worry.
God, why would I think
I could change?
Why would a simple text
set me on the winds,
back to school
on some old bound beauty
I can take in?

Best to remove
decide learning is wisdom
and press on
where the year ends
and new starts.

Toshi Kurete,

Counting the hours till the new year

remembering the tough times.


Dave Barber

11 December 2008

New For 2009!

What’s new for 2009?  Well, let me tell you about it.  Certainly there is more I could offer here.  I plan on adding audio files and maybe even some video poems for your viewing pleasure.  I also plan on publishing several Chapbooks right here, free!  You can download and enjoy.   


As I mentioned before,  I want this to be a safe place to rest, a place you can curl up into and relax.   Everyone needs a safe place.  Let it be here!

If you have more suggestions for 2009, please send them my way:  dbarber59@comcast.net  or post them here in a comment.  I’d love to hear from you.  This blog is managed on a daily basis.


Dave Barber

Fine Poetry